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GAD and intellisnap / Commvault

Question asked by Volker Osswald on Sep 12, 2017


i have a problem in getting Intellisnap running together with GAD.

Here is my installation:

2 VSP G200 configured with GAD running in an Hyper-V-Cluster ( 2012 ) environment. The Servers are running MPIO ( no HDLM ) on 2 HBAs in a cross Path Configuration. Each Server sees 2 Ports on VSP_1 and 2 Path on VSP_2.

I added both Arrays to Commvault and also the VSM ( with sernum ). I also have installed CCI and let Intellisnap do the horcm stuff - so no predefined horcm.


When i start the backup it runs till about 46% and then it goes in Pending with the following message:


Error Code: [32:392]
Description: Failed to prepare snapshot. : [Unable to prepare snaps for
secondary device of GAD pair.]
Source: a400s016, Process: VssHWProvider


So, on the primary device everything works fine, but i dont get it running on the secondary volume of the GAD Pair.


Has anybody a running installation or tested it and can share her/his experience?


Many thanks, Volker