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CR220H detailed hardware specifications

Question asked by b399s2ui on Sep 20, 2017

Where can I find detailed description of the PCIe bus specs and layouts of the CR220H server chassis?

I need to make sure that I balance LAN and SAN traffic across the PCIe slots.

I've found the datasheet an dbasic specs which list the quantity of slots and their types and sizes, and I've found the CR220H user's guide...

...but none of this lists which slot is which, nor how they are configured across the motherboard - what I mean is... I need to confirm that none of the slots will compete with any other slot... i.e. I need to confirm that all slots can all run at full speed at all times, of course within limits of actual bandwidth of exterior LAN and SAN switches.

e.g. I need to confirm that for example four 10Gb LAN ports all talk 2 x 10Gb (in and out), whilst at the same time say 6 x 8Gb FC SAN HBA ports could all be talking 3 x 8Gb (in and out) at the same time as the LAN traffic - i.e. can I have two 10Gb LAN conversations and three 8Gb SAN conversations all occurring at the same time?