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Extracting File's Metadata from DMS to HCP

Question asked by Tajinder Channi Employee on Sep 21, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2018 by Jon Chinitz



I am currently progressing with HCI POC for Digital Media Server (DMS) data indexing. There are two types of data - Documents (RTF, DOC, TXT, PDF etc.) AND Images (JPEG, IMG etc.).


Customer is running a DMS, which is an ageing application called Quark running Oracle DB and runs on Solaris. There are ~2M assets under this app and customer is really looking to come out of this app / or reduce dependency for asset search.


We wanted to take in two phased approach. Phase-1 where in HCI is able to index data straight from source or from HCP. This is working fine and I am using HCI 1.1.4 as of now.


As Phase-2, we wanted to extract the files from the DMS along with the meta-data and save them into HCP. I am looking help into:


  • Is there a tool / customized scripts available which can pull out data + MD from Oracle and saves them in HCP?
  • Can HCI do this job, may be part of some workflow?