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Hitachi VVOL recovery without VASA backups

Question asked by Luc Lalonde on Sep 26, 2017

Hello Folks,

In the 'High Availability' section of the HDS VVOL documentation, we're told that we should:

  • implement automatic backups of the VASA databases
  • setup fault-tolerance for the VASA appliance

Should we also be setting up fault-tolerance for de VCenter Applicance?

During our tests, we've found that if we do a volume migration from VMFS to VVol for a particular VM and there's a problem with the VASA provider on the same day with the appliance, we're not able to recover the VM's VVol after recovering the database.   This is probably normal since the existence of the new VVol is not yet included in the backup.

Is there another way to recover this VM's VVol?

Thank You!