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HNAS Migration

Question asked by Santosh S on Oct 17, 2017

Hi HDS Folks, I would need some help on the HNAS Backend storage Migration. We have 2 HNAS nodes (4060) hosting 3 File systems(mixed mode) containing both cifs shares and nfs exports. The storage pool(system drives) for the file system is currently from backend storage Hitachi G1k. I would like to migrate the backend storage from Houston G1K to Houston HUS VM . I would like to understand the best approach. Approach 1: I can connect the HUS VM to HNAS via SAN fabric and create new file system using the HUS VM backend disks . Can  we use Object rep to migrate the data from old FS to the new FS (We have object rep license) ? If yes how to ensure the data consistency and performance parameter is not impacted ? 2.) Approach 2 : Can i use virtualization technology of HDS ? Can i connect the HUSVM to G1K Storage using external ports and use externalization to migrate the data from HDS GK to HUSVM ? I would like to understand the best approach with limited outage window? Also i would like to understand the EVS part if i go with 1st approach  My plan is to use new EVS  for new FS. Once the migration is completed i would like to use the same Old EVS to the new FS , just to avoid DNS Changes .