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SNAP and Clone

Discussion created by Chheang Chhayheng on Nov 6, 2017

Hi Guys,
I got update from reseller to purpose Hitachi Storage Technology.


I concern relate to Snap and Clone. I look in document hitachi (Clone = Copy on Write) and (Snap = Redirect on Write). Am I right ?


They design on disk level,

on 1st SAS Group Disk, they are using for SNAP.

on 2nd SAS Group Disk, they are using for SNAP/CLONE. on 3nd NL-SAS Group Disk, they are purposing full clone.


I don't know what is the real purpose of SNAP and CLONE of Storage level. When I do restore, it will restore whole volume than he will impact all VM which are stay in the same volume.


Any advice. please share me.


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