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Max number of paths

Question asked by Julian Bici on Nov 6, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2017 by Motoki Yoshimura

When using Allocate Fabric Aware volumes for Generic application for existing DeviceManager hosts, volumes won't get provisioned to all paths if number of paths > 2 .


If a HostGroup contains more than 2 paths the service will only provision to the 1st 2 paths.


Is this a limitation of HAD 8.5.2?


KNAE06535-W Device Manager output this warning.

See the following Device Manager message: KAIA00012-W Cannot create a part of the paths.

The specified number of paths to be created on a host (server-name-here) exceeds the number allowed.

Check the required number of host ports with the user who edited the service. It is also required that there is enough number of port and free host group number / iSCSI target number for each port in the infrastructure group