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Why did my HNAS nodes all stop recording performance data on 11/04/17 when the time changed?

Question asked by Carl Noble on Nov 9, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2017 by Carl Noble

We have 4 HNAS 4060 nodes in 2 clusters and all of them show performance data up until midnight on 11/04/2017.  After that they show no data. When I open the performance data page it says "No values to chart for the given period." unless I change to the view to a week or longer.  There's no graph data after midnight except for a blip at 01:00:00 on 11/05/2017. It would seem that this is because the time was set back one hour because of the end of DST but we have had these nodes for several years now and been thru a few time changes without issue. We are running software version 13.2.4527.04b and it might just be a bug in the code.