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Use document from MongoDB for visualizing analytics insights to an exisiting front end website (Html, Javascript, Php)

Question asked by Dev Master on Nov 13, 2017

I am checking is it possible to do the following requirement using Pentaho.


  • I have an events log document in MongoDB server and its large in size (more than 10 million records).
  • The front end website (Html, Javascript) now requires an analytic section for analyzing these event logs from MongoDB.

I would like to know following information

  • Does Pentaho can be used for displaying analytic charts (Graph, Pie Chart, Bar Graph...) and reports in my web site using the MongoDB records?
  • Is there any performance limitations? (Do we need to import to a RDBMS).
  • How my website display Pentaho analytics views? Or Is Pentaho only support their on clients?


Under Big Data Sources section from this URL MongoDB data source is not supported for few terms (E.g. Analyzer), so these doubts.