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Moving hardware to another location

Question asked by Al b Kaya on Nov 29, 2017
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Hello ALL,


We currently have two Hitachi arrays: AMS2100 and USP VM. They are located in our datacenter.


We currently have no maintenance contract with Hitachi or any another warranty, etc. These hardware EOL anyways.


We are also NOT looking for any technical assistance.


We plan on moving our Hitachi arrays to a different datacenter we have. This is not a data migration and it just moving the hardware from an expensive location to a cheaper location.


Someone from our DataCenter team mentioned that if it was moved unauthorized, it would void all warranties and support contracts.


We currently have no warranty and or support contract with Hitachi.


My question is can we move our Hitach AMS2100 and USP VMs without a vendor authorization because we have pretty much no engagement with the vendor, Hitachi?


I apologize if I posted this in a wrong channel. Please feel free to move this thread to a correct channel if you wish.


Thank you for your time





Al K.