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Invisible-consumes-space - simpler example not working

Question asked by Emerson Yassunaga on Nov 30, 2017



I am presenting a simpler version of the same problem, so that anyone can run it.

On this report, I do this query:


select NULL as X, 2 as Y from dual


I created a simple form, with 2 labels and 2 string-fields.


As there is no data in column X, I imagined that X would not be shown and Y would move to the left.


I set layout=row and invisible-consumes-space = false.

Furthermore: instead of using some formula with "ISBLANK" for visible, I set visible = false for string-field X so that it should be never shown.


Figure "invisible-consumes-space1.jpg" shows that, already at design time, column X disappears and column Y takes its place.

So, why doesn´t it also happen at run time ? (see "invisible-consumes-space2.jpg")

I attach my report ("Spaces2.prpt").


Thanks in advance,