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Trouble adding HNAS to ADS

Question asked by Tony Ortiz on Nov 30, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2017 by Tony Ortiz

I'm getting the following error when trying to add HNAS to ADS. Has anyone seen this. Thanks



ITAR-EVS0[evs1]:$ cifs-name add -m ads -a -p itar-nas

Adding name(s) to ADS domain


Please enter account with administrative rights in domain.

User name: !tony.j.ortiz

Password: ********************

Adding names to EVS 1 and to CIFS domain ""

CMachineAcctAttribs::ReadValue: dns suff = ""

Name "itar-nas" already present in domain

Name(s) already in domain.  Ok to overwrite them? [yes/no] yes

CMachineAcctAttribs::ReadValue: dns suff = ""

JoinDomain: Creating acct "itar-nas" using LDAP

! AddNewLdapAccount failed (main), ret = 19 (Constraint violation)

Domain join failed ([ldap] Constraint violation): Constraint violation

Add operation failed: Constraint violation [1073741843]

Add attempt failed.