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Filling up fields with values in index

Question asked by Eckhard Roeser Employee on Dec 18, 2017
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Assumed, I have forgotten to create a field in an index schema and let a workflow run, I will miss this field in my search results and can't work with it. Makes sense. For instance, File A and File B have been gathered by HCI and certain fields have been send to the index. But not HCI_size.


"Check for updates" setting for the workflow is turned on.


Now, I will correct this and create HCI_size as well in the index schema by selecting it from the "Discovered fields" list in a pipeline test. Also, in meantime (after the first run of the workflow has finished), a new File C has been created in the source and will be detected and processed by the workflow in a second, subsequent run. HCI_size will be available in search for File C.


There are no changes made to File A and File B in meantime on the source.


I assume that adding the field to the index will be valid for ALL records of the index. So, as well for File A and File B. 


How is the behavior of the index field HCI_size for File A and File B in the second run? Can I expect that HCI_size for File A and File B will be populated as well during the subsequent run of the workflow?


If not, how do I get the fields filled for File A and File B with the values for HCI_size?


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