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Can't get all facets from HCI - error 400

Question asked by Thorsten Simons Employee on Dec 20, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2017 by Thorsten Simons

We have an Index that has a faceted field, with a very huge number of facets.


When trying to get a list of these facets through the API, by getting pages of (for example) 500 facets per request, we're hitting HTTP error code 400 after getting 48,500 facets:



      b'tionFailedException: SolrPlugin error: Error from server at http://172.31.62'

      b'.115:31007/solr/IN02_02: Error from server at'

      b'r/IN02_02_shard2_replica2: Expected mime type application/octet-stream but g'

      b'ot application/xml. \\u003c?xml version\\u003d\\"1.0\\" encoding\\u003d\\"'

      b'UTF-8\\"?\\u003e\\n\\u003cresponse\\u003e\\n\\u003clst name\\u003d\\"erro'

      b'r\\"\\u003e\\u003clst name\\u003d\\"metadata\\"\\u003e\\u003cstr name\\u0'


      b'tr\\u003e\\u003cstr name\\u003d\\"root-error-class\\"\\u003eorg.apache.sol'

      b'r.common.SolrException\\u003c/str\\u003e\\u003c/lst\\u003e\\u003cstr name'

      b'\\u003d\\"msg\\"\\u003eapplication/x-www-form-urlencoded content length (211'

      b'8102 bytes) exceeds upload limit of 2048 KB\\u003c/str\\u003e\\u003cint nam'




It seems we're hitting some SOLR limitation here, or?


(full log file for the job attached, interesting part starts at line 1,179)


Can we lift that one?