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CIFS shares fail from linux (smb://) unless Read access given to "Everyone"

Discussion created by Legacy BlueArc on May 22, 2012
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We  have two BlueArc Titan 3200 (Hitachi HNAS3200) NAS heads which  have several EVSs sharing data simultaneously with CIFS and NFS.


When accessing from linux PCs (i.e. from Konqueror or Dolphin) to CIFS shares either

  * using smb://server/ you see the share names and can choose the share or

  * accessing directly to the share path: smb://server/share

the connection always fails after asking username & password.


The workaround we've found is to add ONLY Read rights  for Everyone on the "CIFS share details -> Share permissions" option  of the NAS smu interface. This way the users can connect properly, but  we rely only on the filesystem permissions:


Restricting the access using just permissions on the  filesystem (using ACLs) needs a lot more attention to those filesystem  permissions, as any error could give access to data to the wrong users.


Does any of you know of any other workaround?



Thanks for your help




PS From windows & MacOS it works seamlessly (even connecting using the smb:// URL)