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Is there a way to hide certain CIFS shares?

Discussion created by Legacy BlueArc on May 22, 2012
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Originally posted by: aperez






We  have two BlueArc Titan 3200 (Hitachi  HNAS3200) NAS heads which are  sharing the users homes both through CIFS and NFS.



We  wold like to have some of the shares hidden from the server shares  window
server\ but available if you know the share path:








We used to hide some shares with our samba server usin this option on the share definition :

browseable = no


I've been going through the documentation and CLI options but have  not  found a way to get such behavior when serving CIFS from the Titans   3200.



Does any of you know a solution for having those shares hidden when sharing with CIFS?


Thanks for your help