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When we select ''safety copies=2'' EV aware of that or not on HCP

Question asked by Seccad Caglayan on Dec 22, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2018 by Henk Hindriks

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We have integrated HCP to Enterprise Vault. But we have a problem with it. I just try to migrate vault store but always getting event 41261. EV says that I don't have any second copies for redundancy. But I save these files 2 copies in HCP.

And Enterprise vault doesn't aware that. We don't have replication on HCP But 6 mounts later we deploy VM version of hcp for Disaster Recovery. will it give same error again or when EV check the replication side is it ok?


Check for success of backup and replication of newly-archived data

How to fix

It is more than 2 days since backup or replication was detected for one or more open partitions.

Open partitions with unsecured items scanned: 1
Total open partitions: 3

List of partitions:

Example symptoms:

If there are safety copies in the storage queue, the storage queue location may run out of space.

If there are no safety copies, archive-pending items remain in mailboxes, leading to calls to your Help Desk from users.

There may be a problem with your backup or replication procedures. Your procedures may have failed or may not have been configured for this partition.