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Best practice for handling disk arrays, disks and storage pools

Discussion created by Legacy BlueArc on Jul 21, 2011
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Originally posted by: raob




I'm in the process of adding 400TB of storage behind a 3200c cluster and i'm wondering how best to

handle the allocating LUNs to the storage pools.


If i have 16 raid groups, each split into 2 LUNS (3.9 TB each) how best should i allocate them ?


At the moment i have 2 storage pools, each with 1 LUN from each RAID group.


I was wondering if it i would better off creating a storage pool with 1 LUN from each RAID group

then adding the remaining 16 LUNs later, to produce one large storage pool ?


Is there a penalty for spreading out the filesystems across the heads ?