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Pentaho Spoon - Dimension lookup/update - update not working

Question asked by Siddharth Vij on Jan 7, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2018 by Gotn O'Guts

Hi Everyone,


I was trying the update functionality of Dimension lookup/update component of Pentaho Spoon.


The detailed scenario is given below.


Contents of employee table are given below:

IDEmp CodeNameLocationSalaryVersionFromTo
3AB003MacSan Jose200001nullnull
4AB004RennySan Jose




Data coming from stream is given below:

Emp CodeNameLocationSalary
AB01San Jose18000



Expected result:

The row with ID 1 in employee table should have the location and salary updated. The row with ID 2 should have salary updated.


Actual result:

Instead of update, there are 3 new rows getting inserted.


I have also attached screenshots of the dimension lookup step.


Can you please help in understanding what am i doing wrong and how can i get the rows to be updated instead of new rows getting inserted?