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Giving out points

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Jan 19, 2007

Originally posted by: Jesse

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to see if you folks are doing the same thing I am... while I don't necessarily participate too much in the forums with posting (although I have been doing so a little more, at least responding to posts...), I have been rating some of the user's posts that I find particularly useful, well written, technically accurate, etc... you can rate any post or response by selecting a 1 through 5 rating under the post and then submit it.  This increases the user's points who made the post.  I'm not sure what the points are actually good for, but they are listed under each user, and I think it is a good way of giving users a pat on the back for participating.  Just pointing this out to all of you that I think this is a nice thing for Moderators to do.  Keep in mind that I only rate a post if I think it is deserving... so I don't rate everything.

Anyway, thought I would point this out to all of you.