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Hi, I have a problem with Metadata Editor, can someone help me please?

Question asked by Tomas Negrete on Jan 17, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2018 by Dan Keeley


im currently working on how to apply row-level security in Metadata Editor (did it already on Workbench Schema), but I'm having problems with this.

The thing is that, I followed every step of the guide and in the example of SteelWheels, but it still doesn't "hide" the data in Interactive Reports in Pentaho Server. This is getting really annoying because I have tried everything and I can't find out what it is, because the log of the server does not show any error!. I checked the Steelwheels example and configurated mine as that one, with no results..


I applied the constraint for the user [BT_TCD_SUCURS_TCD_SUCURS.BC_TCD_SUCURS_CODIGO_SUCURS] = 1 for one role and [BT_TCD_SUCURS_TCD_SUCURS.BC_TCD_SUCURS_NOMBRE_SUCURS] = "Casa Matriz" for other role to check for problems in the variables but it still shows every store to both roles..


For better understanding im trying to hide to users data of stores they are not working at.


I would be really thankful and happy if someone could help me.