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HCP Chargeback for the whole HCP

Question asked by Aleksandr Rainchik on Jan 22, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2018 by Aleksandr Rainchik

I’m trying to put together a script that will pull chargeback reports from HCP using MAPI/REST API in automated way.


HCP GUI allows me to pull chargeback report for the whole HCP, but MAPI documentation shows how to pull chargeback reports for individual tenants or namespaces only. One of the examples provided in documentation is using /mapi/tenants/tenantname REST entry-point


curl  -k -i -H "Accept: text/csv"

    -H "Authorization: HCP bGdyZWVu:a3b9c163f6c520407ff34cfdb83ca5c6"



         &end=2014-03-26T13:59:59-0400&granularity=hour" >

    > FinanceStats-2014-03-26-1300.txt


Is there a way of generating chargeback report for the whole HCP using MAPI and if it is, what would be MAPI URL entry point?


Thank you!