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What is the state of the community?

Discussion created by Dan Keeley on Jan 23, 2018
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I recently got wondering about the state of the Pentaho community, and wondered how best to find that out?


Clearly it is doing well, but it's not everything that it once was. It has morphed into something else!  Of course events like PCM are bigger and better than ever, and user groups all over the place now, so that side of things is doing well.  In fact at PCM an experienced open source guy said the vibe in the Pentaho community was unique.  Nice!


But; What about the open source side of things?  I get the impression that has died a death, and it's practically impossible these days to submit a patch for a bug etc.  Is that just a natural progression now that the software is more Enterprisey?  I remember when they re-worked the server, made everything API friendly, and the whole point of this was they hoped the community would contribute the UI/UX front end for it!  How times have changed!


I also have an ongoing beef with the lack of engagement with other open source communities - except alfresco of course . But that's a separate issue.


Could/Should the community share job opportunities more too?  I see at the moment there are 100's of jobs mentioning Pentaho every week, this is amazing, but a lot are agencies - if we had a central place to share opportunities maybe they could be cut out!  (And that is better for everyone!)


I do think this vantara community space seems to have at least exposed some people to the community who were not aware of it before - that has to be a good thing too.