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Report Designer  X Y Chart Time Series

Question asked by Cristina Corrales on Jan 25, 2018


Does anyone know how to create a chart where the values are times (hh:mm:ss) that can explain me how to do that?


As example category is C1 and C2 and the lines indicate the time in hh:mm:ss format


I have the time value in seconds (int)

And I'm using an XY Line Chart but I'm not able to see the data in the chart even I use the hh:mm:ss format in a string field or using sec_to_time() funtcion for the int field or if I create a time field and use that value


I'm selecting "Times Series Collector" and the properties:

value-colum is the category

category-time-column is the time value

time-period-type is hour

series-by-value is the name of the time value

series-by-field empty

auto-generate-series is true


Thanks in advance!