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Filtering Data in PDI

Question asked by Vikas Samant Employee on Jan 28, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2018 by Vikas Samant

I am working on a Lumada 2.0 use case in which i am sending real time data from my laptop to Lumada Core and from there i am sending this data into PDI. I am receiving data from Lumada Core to PDI in the below give image format.




Here i am receiving data from Lumada Core to PDI , now basically i am receiving data here as Topic and Message.

In the Select value i have selected only Message as you can see in the image given below :




Now what i want here is to remove that assetId column from my Message and store data column into any CSV file.

Please review attachments for more information.


Can anyone help me to get this thing done?




Vikas Samant