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Cmd Device Security

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Jan 27, 2007
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Originally posted by: snowyx5

Hi, we use the Cmd Device Security feature across our environment (USP, Windows, Sun, IBM, Linux hosts) to limit hosts with the CCI installed to perform actions only on LDEVs assigned them in Storage Navigator.

It works pretty well except on MicroSoft Cluster hosts. Once MSCS goes on the host all LDEVS presented to the host become "unpermissioned" from the CCI perspective. CCI commands like pairdisplay return asterisks for the status of LDEVS presented to the host. So far our circumvention has been to turn off Cmd Dev Security on these hosts, once that is done the host CCI operations behave normally. However we are not comfortable running like that long term. We have tried reinstalling the CCI after MSCS has been put on as we thought the host device file names may have changed.. It didn't help.

Anyone seen this, anyone have MSCS hosts on a USP and use Command Dev Security ?