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uploading CSV files issue in Pentaho Server 8.0 CE

Question asked by Vitaliy Pak on Feb 2, 2018



I've installed Pentaho Server 8.0 CE on Linux Ubuntu 16.04 Server.


When I am trying to upload csv file to the server over browser on my local machine:

File -> Manage Data Sources -> New Data Source -> CSV File

and selecting valid csv file from my local PC after pressing "Import" button I am receiving "UploadFileServlet.ERROR_0005 - An error occured while uploading the file UploadFileServlet.EROR_0010 - File name is invalid."


The same file has been correctly processed on Pentaho Server 7.1 CE.


Server log shows the following error:

ERROR [CsvDatasourceServiceImpl] /home/user/pentaho-server/pentaho-solutions/system/metadata/csvfiles (No such file or directory)



Does anybody have the same error and know how to fix this?