Rajiv Garg

Restoring deleted/missing files in AW

Discussion created by Rajiv Garg Employee on Feb 9, 2018

There are 2 ways to recover deleted files in HCP Anywhere:


  1. Undelete capability for files and folders to recover deleted files/folders

          a) In browser User Portal – select “Show Deleted items”

          b) Go to the parent directory of the delete folder and select the deleted folder

          c) Select “Restore Deleted Items”

      • It will restore the files and folders that were deleted by the last action.  If you did multiple delete actions, you will need to the restore action multiple times.



2.  User “Recover Files” (blue button at the right bottom in the browser)

    1. This will show you the restore points available based on Extended versioning policy – daily, weekly, monthly
    2. You should be able to recover files from any day that are available based on the IT set policy


Ultimately it is the versioning policy that determines restore points.