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HCP Anywhere User settings on Horizon instant clones

Question asked by Stefan Schwiedel on Feb 14, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2018 by Derrence Chan

Hi together,


I`m currently trying to get the HCP Anywhere fat client installed and configured on VMware Horizon instant clones (non persistent). I configured the folder redirection for the APPs folder but HCP Anywhere writes the configuration files to C:\Users\[username]\Apps\Local instead of Roaming which would be redirected to a share.


The result is, that the user have to configure HCP Anywhere each time he logs in to a new VM.


The second "Problem" is the location of the synchronization folder. It can`t be located on a Network folder (UNC Path or also connected Network folder) but I want to have it there to prevent persistent disks for each single user.


Does someone maybe have a solution for these problems?


=>Using the Webclient is no solution for that.<=