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CDE - CGG Dial Component - How to change color font

Question asked by B523W5TI on Feb 22, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2018 by B523W5TI

Hello guys,


I need to change the color of the font on CGG Dial component (Pentaho CDE 7.1).

I'm trying with the following code in Post-Execution with no success:


function f() {

$("g g text:nth-child(odd)").css("font-size","20");

$("g g text:nth-child(odd)").css("font-family","Tahoma");

$("g g text:nth-child(odd)").css("font-weight","bold");

$("g g text:nth-child(odd)").css("color","Black");

$("g g text:nth-child(even)").css("font-size","20");

$("g g text:nth-child(even)").css("font-family","Tahoma");

$("g g text:nth-child(even)").css("font-weight","bold");

$("g g text:nth-child(even)").css("color","Black");



Can anyone help me?