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Cannot see any plugin available in my Pentaho Community CE 8.0 fresh install.

Question asked by Otmar Pereira Junior on Feb 23, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2018 by Brandon Jackson



Currently I'm evaluating Pentaho 8.0 CE and tried to install a new language pack via market place. However, no plugins are available. I suspected it was a proxy issue and then tried to change satrt-pentaho.bat file to include http proxy details with -Dhttp.proxyHost, -Dhttp.proxyPort, -Dhttp.proxyHost, -Dhttps.proxyHost, -Dhttps.proxyPort,  -Dhttp.proxyUser= and -Dhttp.proxyPassword flags. Despite all these efforts, I still cannot get any result in my Marketplace. Is there any other alternative to make Marketplace work ?