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Pentaho 8.0, Crosstab in Excel, layout issue. How to fix?

Question asked by Anton Guschin on Mar 5, 2018

Hi All,


I want to create a subreport with banded crosstab, that has fixed size of columns nailed one to one to the left, instead of stretching across the page width.


Something like:

| Page width  ---------------------------------------- |

|Crosstab row 1 | Col1 | Col2 |      

|Crosstab row 2 | Col1 | Col2 |         






With options:

Row Axis->layout(row)


Row Axis->Row->Title Header Label->layout(block)

Row Axis->Row->Title Header Label->width(154)

Row Axis->Row->Title Header Label->Label->width(100%)


Row Axis->Row->Header Field->layout(block)

Row Axis->Row->Header Field->width(154)

Row Axis->Row->Header Field->Text Field->width(100%)


Row Axis->Row->Column Axis-> Column->Header Field->layout(block)

Row Axis->Row->Column Axis-> Column->Header Field->width(51)

Row Axis->Row->Column Axis-> Column->Header Field->Label->width(100%)


Row Axis->Row->Column Axis-> Column->Data Cells-> Cell->layout(block)

Row Axis->Row->Column Axis-> Column->Data Cells-> Cell->width(51)

Row Axis->Row->Column Axis-> Column->Data Cells-> Cell->Text Field->width(100%)



The layout looks as I expected in html/pdf/excel through PRD preview. Except one thing. In case if Page Header has Band with borders Row Axis->layout(block) all is OK, but when Row Axis->layout(row), these borders are repeated one more time (html/excel only).



But the main issue is when I try to run this report through Bi Server. Only in Excel version, it looks like when Row Axis->layout(row) Data Columns are printed from x:0 coordinate and are overlapped by first column





I've also created prpt with SampleData (corrstab_test.prpt)


Could somebody please advise me what to do and how to fix it?