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Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Jul 29, 2006

Originally posted by: Jeremiah

Just want to keep track of all the blogs that are discussing this new forum, (whether it be good or bad)

Snig at Ruptured Monkey
Snig gives us raw feedback about our products, and believe me, we've had quite a few discussions within the product groups about his experiences.

Snig's already given us a bunch of feedback on how to make this a better forum --I think he's reading my mind on some of them.

Mike at Zerowait
If you need NetApp products, contact Mike at Zerowait --it's obvious he's really reaching out to his customers. When I first saw the Zerowait blog, I wished he was one of our resellers.

Mike is cool, he sent me an email thanking me for the wiki that I put together and offered a 'guest blog' post. I took up his offer:

I think this is an example of the storage community coming together on behalf of customers.

Hu Yoshida, CTO of HDS
I toured Hu and our VP of Marketing this forum late Thur night. We all agreed this is a great tool to help customers communicate on a more granular level about products, and a great way for our product folks to make better products for you.

Heh, I think it's pretty cool he thinks of us as 'Young WebMasters'. Yes we like to think we're young padawans.


Other Forums
There's quite a few other forums out there, I've made a list on the wiki. If you want to talk about other vendor products on this forum, be my guest!

I just added two more forums to this list