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Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Jul 29, 2006
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Originally posted by: Jeremiah

Welcome to the HDS Storage Forum, a Community and resource for Storage Admins.

I'm Jeremiah Owyang, the Community Manager of the forum, and a full time Employee of Hitachi Data Systems for almost three years now in Santa Clara at Headquarters.  I've worked on the Intranet, [url="https://channelone.hds.com/indexmain.cfm"]PartnerXchange[/url] site, [url="http://www.hds.com/company/blogs.html"]HDS blogs[/url], the [url="http://storagebloggers.pbwiki.com/"]Data Storage Wiki[/url], and have more stuff in the works!

I sit directly in between the Product Management and Product Marketing folks, and I run into the HDS bloggers like Hu Yoshida quite a bit.  That's perfect as part of my job is to make sure the right people in HDS hear your voice.

You can see pics of me in the '[url="http://forums.hds.com/index.php?showtopic=66"]HDS behind the scenes[/url]' thread.

As the Community Manager, I'm here to serve as a resource to you, PM me or email me anytime at jeremiah.owyang@hds.com.

Anyways, I encourage all to introduce themselves, where they are from, and which company they are from.  As I undrerstand it, there's already quite a few storage experts and it would be great to hear a bit from you folks.

Don't be shy!