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How to identify if it's Shared, or Embedded SMI-S provider?

Question asked by Andrei ASTRAKHARCHIK on Mar 22, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2018 by Greg Loose

I collect information from HDS storage systems via SMI-S. The SMI-S provider can be


- a Shared provider that is hosted at Hitachi Command Suite;


- an Embedded provider that resides directly at a storage array.


1) What SMI-S request should I execute to identify if it's a Shared, or Embedded provider?


2) I've looked at the name field for 'HITACHI_Namespace'. It seems that the namespace is “root/smis/current” for Shared providers and it's “root/hitachi/smis" for Embedded providers.


Is this always true? Is it a reliable way to identify the provider type?


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