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Record Of Announcements and Activity

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Jul 31, 2006

Originally posted by: Jeremiah

This forum is a record of how the forums got kicked off

1) Early days
Jim Bahn requested this, as PMs and Sales teams in Silicon Valley were asked for it

Jeremiah and Chris demo'd the HDS forums to Support in San Diego, and the Silicon Valley Bay Area User Group

2) Web markeitng lead this challenge

3) seeded with bloggers
On July 24th, Jeremiah sent personalized emails to key industry bloggers (who he had relations with) to get the word out and demo the forum

Jesse Salen in Support in San Diego sent emails to several key customers to get the word out

4) Issue with forums, the host went down Thur night for at least 6 hours.

5) Friday July 28th Hu Yoshida announced the forum from his blog

6) Monday, July 31st a Signal Weekly message went to the company, linking to an FAQ doc that explained how employees can use this tool

7) On the first official live morning, there are over 7 signups, many which ask for more information (leads)

8) Jeremiah gets emails and phone calls from Chicago sales teams, who will send to their major client, State Farm.