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Cache Management in Pentaho CE using CDA

Question asked by Muhammad Adeel Shakir on Mar 26, 2018

I am using Pentaho CE for my ETL and my etl runs on every 30 seconds as my data is changing, you can say every second in transactional DB. I am using cda document to provide data to my web application.I want to show data real time on my dashboard.Currently, I am cleaning Mondrian and cda cache on every 30 seconds when my etl runs.So whenever my MDX query runs it takes time like 5-6 seconds in cda while same SQL query takes 0.5 s in sqlyog.I want to manage the cache of Mondrian and cda to flush only for CDC, but I didn't get successful.If someone can help how can I get this or I need some sort of training for this or guidance to achieve my goal.Thanks in advance quick response needed.
In short, I want to show attendance on the dashboard as user marked in but from warehouse db Is it possible in Pentaho?