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Can we get replication pair details using CM REST API

Question asked by Kayala Raghavendra Employee on Apr 2, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2018 by Jaijeet Kakkar



We are using HCS 8.5.3-02. We use CM REST API to automate some reports like Capacity Report, also we wanted to do same for different replications (local & remote) reports. But when I went through CM REST API reference guide, for Shadow Image we can only pull details if we create the SI by copy-groups.


When we go to HCS -> Resources -> Storage System (right-click) -> Local Replication, here it gives all SI pairs by LDEV irrespective of how we create SI (horcm, GUI etc..). I am looking for these pair details for SI using CM REST API.


Similarly for TC & GAD. Snapshot Group details we can fetch using CM REST API, that helps for Snapshot.


Let me know if anybody knows how to do it for SI, TC & GAD.