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Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Aug 10, 2006
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Originally posted by: daniel2

Hi All,

Recently i have noticed that Tuning Manager Skips polling time as it still thinks its polling even though it has completed it. Has anyone had these issues?

Also Replication monitor, another wonderful product, is anyone usnig this or are we the only people that have been tricked into buying such a software. It's main purpose is to manage and monitor our DR links and paris too bad it doesn't, it has a 30 minute delay before it can even recognise that a pair status has changed. On top of this, i have brought the link down several times for maintenance purpose and the product didn't even alert me that the link was down. FANTASTIC! I can not wait for a day when we require a our DR volume only to find out that the link has been down for hours if not days!

So brings me to Volume Migrator, Proctection Manager etc. If i have no confidence in software such as Tuning Manager/ Replication Monitor which are nice to have but not business critical, how can I have confidence in using products such as Volume Migrator, on production data?

Is it just me or is HDS software way off the mark? I am sick and tired of people giving me the same answers each time their hardware is the best, all vendors IBM, EMC and HDS have resonable hardware. The most important tool to have is software to manage it.

Its time to offshore the offshore software development team from Japan to India, atleast that way as customers we might get a better price!