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Pentaho CDF (mql) - formula functions

Question asked by Vojtech Hajek on Apr 18, 2018

Hi everyone, I am trying to use CASE formula in my dashboard using CDA (mql) with metadata as datasource. I am following instruction on this page: 02. Pentaho Metadata Formulas - BI Platform - Pentaho Wiki. I thought that this CASE function should be used in Pentaho Metadata Editor in section Calculation -> Formula, but than I found 03. Pentaho Metadata MQL Schema - BI Platform - Pentaho Wiki, from which I understood that this formula should be used in mql file, but the note about using function on new new column does not make sense. I tried put that statement everywhere and nothing worked.

This is my starting statement:




I am sorry for my stupid question: where should I put my CASE function, in Metadata Editor or CDA file?



And one related question. I was trying to create another column in Pentaho Metadata Editor, identical to real one, so I added new and set properties to the same values (except ID), but Ctools table in CDF was empty with warning that data is empty.


So is there some special property for new abstract column or it is important where is this column added (business layer, physical layer)?


Thank you for any help.