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HNAS  "translation" of these FPGA names into a fairly understandable language?

Question asked by Soren Olsen Employee on Apr 18, 2018
Latest reply on May 15, 2018 by Soren Olsen

Hi Guys,


Do we have a "translation" of these FPGA names into a fairly understandable language?

(have a customer how wants to using snmp and graph these parameters)



BLUEARC-SERVER-MIB::fpgaUtilizationFpgaName.1.0 = STRING: wlog

BLUEARC-SERVER-MIB::fpgaUtilizationFpgaName.1.1 = STRING: wfile

BLUEARC-SERVER-MIB::fpgaUtilizationFpgaName.1.2 = STRING: wdir

BLUEARC-SERVER-MIB::fpgaUtilizationFpgaName.1.3 = STRING: tdp

BLUEARC-SERVER-MIB::fpgaUtilizationFpgaName.1.4 = STRING: si

BLUEARC-SERVER-MIB::fpgaUtilizationFpgaName.1.5 = STRING: si

BLUEARC-SERVER-MIB::fpgaUtilizationFpgaName.1.6 = STRING: obj

BLUEARC-SERVER-MIB::fpgaUtilizationFpgaName.1.7 = STRING: nicc

BLUEARC-SERVER-MIB::fpgaUtilizationFpgaName.1.8 = STRING: nibtx

BLUEARC-SERVER-MIB::fpgaUtilizationFpgaName.1.9 = STRING: nibtcp

BLUEARC-SERVER-MIB::fpgaUtilizationFpgaName.1.10 = STRING: nibrx

BLUEARC-SERVER-MIB::fpgaUtilizationFpgaName.1.11 = STRING: mbi

BLUEARC-SERVER-MIB::fpgaUtilizationFpgaName.1.12 = STRING: fsa

BLUEARC-SERVER-MIB::fpgaUtilizationFpgaName.1.13 = STRING: fdp






Søren Olsen