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Multi select component, default values, (un)selecting and underlying non mondrial sql query and underlying simple parameter of object type

Question asked by Glupe Registracije on Apr 24, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2018 by Ebubekir Celik



Let's say that I have a sql (over sqlJndi) query (ClickHouse database) that collects options that I would like to present in multi select component.


For sake of simplicity I am using jsonScriptable over scripting as Multi select (multiSelectTest1) datasource:




["All", 0],

["1-st", 1],

["2-nd", 2],

["3-rd", 3]









Multi select component is tied to multiSelTest1Param simple parameter.


Aside of multi select I have created a “show param” button with the following Expression:


function f(){


    var param_val = dashboard.getParameterValue('multiSelTest1Param');

    var param_typ = typeof dashboard.getParameterValue('multiSelTest1Param');

    var param_message = param_val + ' ('+param_typ + ')'


document.getElementById('colShowParamMultiSelect').innerHTML = param_message;





When I start the page, I have non-selected multi select. When I press the “show param” button I get “(object)” as a param_message.


Now I have created a new “set default” button that will set the default value of the multi select component with the following Expression:


function f(){

    dashboard.fireChange('multiSelTest1Param', 'All');



After pressing “set default” button, “show param” shows “All (string)”, and “All” is properly selected in multi select component.

So, object type has changed from object to string now.


When I multi select let’s say “1-st” and “2-nd”, “show param” shows “1-st,2-nd (object)”, now it is object again.


When I unselect these two options, “show param” shows “(object)” again.


How to use parameter ${multiSelTest1Param} in query properly?


For example, I would like to have select like:


Select *

From table

Where field …something... ${multiSelTest1Param}


When nothing is selected, query should be executed as there is no where condition.

If single value is selected, query should be executed as “where filed = ${multiSelTest1Param}”.

If multiple values are selected, query should be executed as “where filed in [I assume] (${multiSelTest1Param})”.


If ${multiSelTest1Param} is of an object type, how to construct the select to properly respect its value?


I am really confused.