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Checking for Job Status in Carte: a list of possible values

Question asked by Arnold Rodin on May 1, 2018


I was following the documentation (
and implemented getting a job status via Rest API call (jobStatus) to Carte. Basically,
the idea was to parse out the Response XML for a <status_desc> tag expecting
the following: Running or Finished, and otherwise we assume that the job has failed
and parse out an error from <result><log_text>. This logic worked just
fine up until this morning when I think the <status_desc> tag was retuned
with a value that our logic was not prepared to handle. The job finished successfully
though, which leads me to believe that there is another value that may get returned
to represent a “work-in-progress” status of some sort.

I can't find any documentation anywhere to get a comprehensive
list of all values to expect in the <status_desc>  tag of Response XML for JobStatus Rest API
call to Carte. Can someone please point me in the right direction?

Thanks a lo!