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Use of ISLs - Host, TrueCopy or Both

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Aug 14, 2006
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Originally posted by: Michael

Fellow Forum Members,

I am constantly asked by Server Administrators whether they can use Host Based Mirroring instead of TrueCopy to mirror their data.  IE:  Assign a host one local LUN, one remote LUN (via a cross-site Zone) and then mirror between the two.  (My environment has two data centres geographically dispersed by about 35KM's).

Does anyone have any solid tested facts on the pros and cons of having host traffic share the ISLs with TrueCopy Traffic that I can respond with when crazy designs like this are presented to me?  My main issue at the moment is with regards to manageability (managing pairs during powerdowns etc.), and the fact that I just don't like performing any function on the host that is clearly better done on the storage (mirroring/RAID etc).  We have 8 dedicated 2Gb/s dark fibres, so bandwidth at the moment is not an issue.