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CFR Store API doesnt work for IE

Question asked by Dan Keeley on May 9, 2018

Not sure if anyone has noticed this, but CFR doesnt work for IE because IE provides the full path to the filename not just the filename or the c:\fakepath\filename.txt like chrome does.


javascript - Remember and Repopulate File Input - Stack Overflow


I don't see any way to work around it, other than to make sure the server side will correctly only process the filename - this is because of security constraints.  you can't use js to modify the filename.


Looking at the CFR code it calls getFilename which leads me to this stack overflow page, and is exactly what I see:


java - Jersey multipart getFileName() has concatenated path - Stack Overflow


cfr/ at e5eb7589b98abee9e59abf4f73ed9f23826239b5 · webdetails/cfr · GitHub


So, I guess no one uses IE any more huh?


Any ideas how to workaround on the client side? or worst case, is there a server side tweak/solution?