Idin Ba

Four ways to find out port wwn

Discussion created by Idin Ba on May 15, 2018

Hi everyone You can see the four  methods to show the port wwn described below
1- Go to the Storage navigator ( GUI ) and then go to the action tap and then go to the component and then click view port location tab go to the file tab and click basic information and click the port tab
2- To storage navigator ( GUI ) go to the reports tab and click configuration report and click create configuration report
3- Go to the Storage navigator ( GUI ) and click maintenance tab and then click maintenance components,wait to open maintenance tab click maintenance and then click MF path
4- Go to the maintenance mode and the click view mode to change the maintenance mode and then click install tab and the go to the change configuration tab and click lun configuration and the click the port on the left side and click list tab
I hope I can help you