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What's the best way for HDS to communicate to Customers? Your feedback wanted

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Aug 30, 2006
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Originally posted by: Jeremiah

Things really seem to be taking off here in the HDS Storage Forums, it?s great seeing so many discussions around products and storage technology. We've heard your request for documentation and have started some internal discussions.

I?ve been talking with some folks here at HDS about vehicles of communication however I thought it would be great to hear straight from the ones that consume it!

What methods of communication do you prefer from us? How do you prefer to get information from us and other storage vendors? There?s so many options to choose such as websites, forums, blogs, rss, newsletters, physical paper, podcasts, press releases, etc.

Question: In order of priority - HOW do you want us to communicate to you from HDS?

As the Community Manager, I?m your advocate, and your resource ?- I?m listening, so please let me know!