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Pentaho server installation on an existing tomcat service

Question asked by Eric Rosales on Jun 4, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2018 by Eric Rosales

Hi...I'm new to pentaho...I will use it to build some dashboards and reports for an educational institution...I tried the EE and I really like it...I use the EE try-out for teaching purposes...but now as I need to deploy some solutions and due to public budget I will show the implementation of a BI solution using this platform... I already have a tomcat instance running and according to the Prepare Your Windows Environment for a Manual Installation - Pentaho Documentation  instructions the tomcat is inside the pentaho directory...but I already have one instance running..So, I want to install de Pentaho server inside my tomcat server instance...i.e. a manual installation of the BI-server version 8.1. So, I guess I have to copy pentaho files into ../tomcat/webapps directory...


Which files? what else do I need to do if I want to connect to a mysql instance?