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Adding a "Non-VMware Host" to an existing Host Group.

Question asked by Richard Nguyen Employee on Jun 5, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2018 by Hidenori Akatoki


Customer would like to automate adding a "New Host" to an "Existing Host Group" with LUNs already assigned that is a non-VMware host.


For new VMware hosts for the same use case above, they can leverage the canned Service "Add Host to Cluster in vCenter".


For Example:

Customer is able to use the "Add Host to Cluster in vCenter" for new VMware host(s), however their business also requires those same LUNs already presented to the existing VMware Cluster \ Datastore also intelligently provisioned to a new non-VMware host such as a Linux server for the purpose of performing their backups.


How much customization would be involved to automate the addition of a non-VMware host to an existing Host Group?

I don't have the ability to test this in the current lab environment.


Would it be possible to add the new non-VMware host by hardcoding this into one of the available services if the non-VMware host does not appear as an available option in the drop down?