Deepak Nagpal

Sample HCI Plugins for ServiceNow

Discussion created by Deepak Nagpal on Jun 6, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2018 by Jon Chinitz

We have recently developed sample plugins for ServiceNow including stage and input/output connectors.


These plugins can be used to download tickets and attachments from ServiceNow. One can also use output connector to create new records into ServiceNow incident table.


We have also provided a use case wherein a scanned document can be processed and read using OCR; this information can further be used to create a new incident into Incident Table. It can also be configured as per the user needs by providing regular expression.


JAR and setup document can be downloaded from here (GitHub). Hope this helps team, feel free to share your suggestions.


Note: This plugin uses our previously built HCI OCR plugin which can be downloaded from here (GitHub)